The Meatrix

Dare to enter…The Meatrix.  A closer look at the meat products industry.


Visual Pollution

Visual Pollution is a term given to describe visual elements of a landscape or vista that are unattractive or uncomfortable to look at.  If pollution refers to the fouling of air, water and land due to man-made activities.  Visual pollution can be described as the fouling of landscapes or vistas (“uglification”,  if you will).

Visual pollution, however, is an aesthetic issue and what is clutter to one man (e.g. billboards) can be a well-placed advertisement to another.   Personally, I believe space can say as much as something that is printed.   There should be a balance between the two.   Billboards can also lend character to their location.  In fact,  some places are well known for their signs (Hong Kong, Times Square and Las Vegas immediately come to mind).   Just recently, the Mandaluyong city government dismantled billboards along the 23-kilometer stretch of EDSA (E.  De Los Santos Avenue).  These billboards featured members of the Philippine rugby team promoting a brand of underwear.    The city mayor’s office says these signs did not have the necessary permit and they believe these can also be offensive to underage children.

As long as there’s space, there’s always an ad waiting to be printed – and a sponsor willing to pay for it.

Billboards and signs are the usual culprits.  But this problem is more complex than it looks.  The rise of global brands in today’s competitive business environment has also brought with it the increasing need to be heard and seen.   In an attempt to stand out from the crowd, businesses employ non-traditional advertising techniques, which covers a multitude of media, not just billboards and signs.   Nowadays we see bus/tram wrap-around stickers, cab signs and even ads on the backs of printed receipts.   As long as there’s space, there’s always an ad waiting to be printed – and a sponsor willing to pay for it.

The Eco-Academy Experience with Johnson and Johnson

Partners for a worthy cause

In spite of the stormy weather, eco-advocates from the Johnson and Johnson (Philippines) Inc. trooped to the La Mesa EcoPark last June 24, 2011 for the Eco-academy Experience. This company-wide, cross-sector activity was held in cooperation with ABS-CBN’s Bantay Kalikasan. The Johnsonians attended two environmental modules that day –   “Composting and Vermi Culture” and “Organic Farming and Community Gardening”.

Going green

Bantay Kalikasan’s Daryn Castillo kicked off the proceedings with the opening remarks, followed by a few words from Mary Grace Gervasio (Johnson & Johnson). After a short audio-visual presentation, the attendees were divided into groups for the team games. Everyone had a great time!  The J&J volunteers showed competitiveness and great teamwork while having fun.

Playing "Teeter"

The module on Composting and Vermiculture was especially helpful since it also helped dispel some of the misconceptions that a lot of us have on earthworms.

The Organic Farming and Community Gardening was next, and to drive home the message, this session culminated with a potting and planting activity.

Everyone was hauled out from the relative comfort of the meeting hall and into the nearby planting shed located a few meters outside. The volunteers gamely went outside and got their hands dirty.

After getting back into the meeting hall, the prizes were handed to the game winners. BK’s Daryn and J&J’s Buddy Antonio gave the closing remarks.

The activity ended with a sumptuous lunch and a reminder for everyone to drive safely.

Getting our hands dirty

Giving and volunteerism has always been a part of the Johnson and Johnson spirit. The J&J Credo states that …”We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work and to the world community as well.”   Well, that Johnsonian spirit was definitely present during that day.

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The Eco Academy Experience