How to handle your household chemicals


Happy New Year!  After all the merrymaking comes the task of cleaning up and surely you’ll be using some of the more popular household products.  But just because a product is being sold in supermarkets doesn’t mean it’s totally safe.  Take extra care when handling household substances because even if a product is being used on your body, it can still be dangerous if misused.  A few tips.

1.  Make an inventory of all household products and classify them.  Separate detergents from petroleum-based products, for example, and know their location.

2.  Read the labels.  Heed the warning signs.   Products may be poisonous, flammable, corrosive or can cause irritation.

3.  Ensure proper ventilation when using these products.  Keep flammable substances out of the house

4.  Watch where you store them.  Don’t store them with food.  Keep them out of children’s and pets’ reach.

5.  Recycle or dispose of properly.  Don’t just pour these down your toilet, your sink or on the ground. Contact your local environment authority to coordinate the disposal of these items

6.  Who you gonna call?  Keep the numbers of the poison control authority, the fire department, the nearest hospitals and the local environmental authorities handy.


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